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The cultural ramifications of My Humps

Today’s Dinosaur Comic mentions how modern culture is less culturally aware than in the 60s, where people were all about peace, drugs, ending suffering and drugs. I think the best indication of this trend is the band Black Eyed Peas, which went from being surprisingly culturally aware with the song “Where is the Love” to […]

I read the Billboard top 10

Inspired by a horribly worded comment (welcome to the internets!) on indietits, Questionable Content's annoying little brother, today I'm going read the Billboard top ten. Wish me luck. Billboard Magizine Top Ten, compiled 2006-05-06 Artist: Rascal Flatts/ Album: Me And My Gang – I have only heard of this band in passing, but it is […]


Ok, so the Nintendo revolution will be called Wii. Um, yea. Am I the only person in the universe who likes the name? People, get your mind out of the gutter.

Mourning unfinished video games

The Idle Thumbs article Have You Seen This Hero? is a sad eulogy for unfinished videogames, where the last level left unfinished and he Princess is still unsaved. Keeping with the melodrama, he quotes Shakespeare. Anyway, I kinda feel this guys pain, I never completed Zelda 64 either. But I got to the shadow temple; […]