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The Day of Silence – Can you tell I feel bad about poking the participants?

Our school’s Day of Silence was today, where students support those with with less than normal gender identity, those kept silent about how they feel by social norms, by not talking for a whole day. That’s cool and all, but I think that the gay kids at my school are probably the least in need […]

Man smokes cigarette, dies instantly

Jacob Horner was hoping to spend his after-work hours relaxing in a bar in Whachiworg, Kansas on the first of April, 2006, but he tragically decided to smoke a cigarette with his beer. Doctors say the nicotine caused a rare kind of lung cancer called broncosuck carscausecoma to grow, turning his lungs into useless bags […]

Idolspizing Malcom Gladwell

When I found this interview with Malcom Gladwell, I went through the same motions that I always go through when I read something of his. I first decide that I can’t link to it on my blog cause I don’t want to appear obsessed with the guy, some kind of loony fanatic hanging off of […]