Hemingway – Newsprint

Hemingway – Newsprint is a theme based on Hemingway but with

  1. Total post instead of summary. Due to side by side layout this means that it is better for posts no longer than a paragraph on front page, but you can use a more link.
  2. Next and previous post links on single pages.
  3. Style closer to a newspaper, including justified margins and centered titles.
  4. No menu functions in header, all reserved for bottombar™.
  5. Post info for single post on right instead of left, which is the more common placement.

And because it has the awesomeness of Hemingway behind it, the theme has

  1. The widget bottombar™.
  2. Two posts side by side..
  3. Usable archives.
  4. Slight pretentiousness!

The zip file for it is here. It is hosted by filegone. If no one downloads it for 100 days it disappears. In other words, it will disappear in 100 days.

A test installation of Hemingway – Newsprint is at my old hangout. I can’t guarantee that it is still there, sorry.

Anyway, a picture!

Big picture of theme

Click to see the big image, and thanks to Evera.


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