The Day of Silence – Can you tell I feel bad about poking the participants?

Our school’s Day of Silence was today, where students support those with with less than normal gender identity, those kept silent about how they feel by social norms, by not talking for a whole day. That’s cool and all, but I think that the gay kids at my school are probably the least in need of pity. Let me explain.

The people that I’ve heard badmouth the Day of Silence, that think people shouldn’t be gay, that sex is for reproduction (or fun, but in a creepy sexist way), are truly pitiable. And totally me in middle school, but I digress. They are not beating gays up in parking lots, some even think that they gays deserve rights and all that, but they want nothing to do with them. But, as I was back then, they are severely unhappy. Problem is, they don’t know why.

If a gay person is unhappy he knows why. And he has thousands willing to mime all their communication for a day in order to confront the very thing that makes them unhappy. I’d try to confront what made middle school me unhappy, but you can’t really protest nothing. While the circumstances are different for each person, I would rather be gay than homophobic. They are just so much more normal.


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