Monthly Archives: April 2006

I read the Billboard top 10

Inspired by a horribly worded comment (welcome to the internets!) on indietits, Questionable Content's annoying little brother, today I'm going read the Billboard top ten. Wish me luck. Billboard Magizine Top Ten, compiled 2006-05-06 Artist: Rascal Flatts/ Album: Me And My Gang – I have only heard of this band in passing, but it is […]

Bush against Spanish Star Spangled Banner

Despite the fact that his good relations with the Hispanic population probably got him elected (along with rigged voting machines), Bush just came out against the Spanish version of the Star Spangled Banner. I guess he was tired of vying for support from both Hispanics and Immigration Reductionists. He just fell on the side that […]


Ok, so the Nintendo revolution will be called Wii. Um, yea. Am I the only person in the universe who likes the name? People, get your mind out of the gutter.

High Quality Noise reaches version 4.0 ALTA

Cold, wet and scared, HQN leaves it's soon to be destroyed habitat and forges onward, looking for a new home. It finds one in the cuddily shleter of, free of server trouble and messing with the theme too much. Exspect more stuff soon.

Hemingway – Newsprint

Hemingway – Newsprint is a theme based on Hemingway but with Total post instead of summary. Due to side by side layout this means that it is better for posts no longer than a paragraph on front page, but you can use a more link. Next and previous post links on single pages. Style closer […]

Mourning unfinished video games

The Idle Thumbs article Have You Seen This Hero? is a sad eulogy for unfinished videogames, where the last level left unfinished and he Princess is still unsaved. Keeping with the melodrama, he quotes Shakespeare. Anyway, I kinda feel this guys pain, I never completed Zelda 64 either. But I got to the shadow temple; […]

How not to profile

In an odd bit of bureaucracy gone wrong, the person who plays the terrorist in the movie Flight 93 might not be allowed in the country for the premiere. While they have a creditable reason, he is a former member of the Iraqi armed forces, this is still funny. If there is one way to […]

The full story on Google in China

There’s been a lot of nosie on the internet about Google’s involvement in China’s censorship, intentionally not showing websites that are forbidden in China. While this is unthinkable in America, the land of politcal incorectness, the article Google’s China Problem (and China’s Google Problem), by the great Clive Thomnson, shows just how natural cencorship is […]

Diesel Sweeties is a very good comic

Today’s Diesel Sweeties fills a deep hole in my soul by putting an old Macintosh on a big wheel. Not just that, but a pixalated old Macentosh on a big wheel. Tomorrow’s should be a calculator on a paper airplane, or an old IBM room in an F-14. This must happen.

The Day of Silence – Can you tell I feel bad about poking the participants?

Our school’s Day of Silence was today, where students support those with with less than normal gender identity, those kept silent about how they feel by social norms, by not talking for a whole day. That’s cool and all, but I think that the gay kids at my school are probably the least in need […]